Friday, October 30, 2009

URGENT - Please call Congress now to stop abortion in health bill!

This is so important I had to pass it on.

The AP accurately reported a few days ago
(October 23), that the House Democratic leadership currently does not intend to allow the House to vote on an amendment sponsored by Congressmen Bart Stupak (D-Mi.) and Joseph Pitts (R-Pa.), and supported by pro-life groups including the US Bishops, which would "include the Hyde amendment restrictions in the health overhaul bill."

The AP reported: "Such an amendment would be almost certain to prevail . . . So Democratic leaders won't let Stupak offer it. Instead, it appears they may have to take the risk of letting Stupak try to block action on the underlying bill, which he intends to do by assembling 'no' votes on a procedural measure [the "rule"] that needs to pass before debate can begin."

If Pelosi succeeds in imposing her gag rule, doctors and others involved in health care could lose conscience protections, and we will be looking at an unprecedented level of federal abortion subsidies, paid for by our taxes. See Abortion and Conscience Problems in the Bills and A Pro-Life Look at the Health Care Reform Bills for details.

Thank you if you have already acted on this! Otherwise ...

Please call now to urge your Representative to oppose any Rule that does not include a debate on the Stupak-Pitts Amendment. You will find the phone number(s) and all the info you need by entering your zipcode at this link.

Suggested message: "I am a constituent with a message for Rep (Name). Please SUPPORT the Stupak (STEW-PAK) Amendment that addresses essential pro-life concerns on abortion funding and conscience rights in the health care reform bill. Please OPPOSE any Rule for consideration of H.R. 3200 that would block a vote on this amendment. It's only fair to let all our elected representatives have a say on these important issues."

When I called, the staffer for my Rep was very polite and read back the message to make sure she got it right. It only took a couple of minutes to do.

If you are unable to telephone, or in addition to making the call, please click here to send a pre-written, instant e-mail to Congress. You can add your own comments to the message if you wish.

Please pass this on to pro-life friends and family. The policies adopted in health care reform will have an impact for good or ill for years to come. It is not just a "political issue" ... real lives and freedom of conscience hang in the balance.

Thanks so much!

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