Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Let's stop abortion expansion **Updated**

Every Pro-Life American Must Tell Congress Now:
“Vote against any health care bill that does not explicitly exclude abortion!”

Health care bills in Congress could create the greatest expansion of abortion since Roe v. Wade.

1. Email now: Go to Follow the simple directions at the bottom of the web page to send urgent messages to your U.S. senators and your U.S. House member. (Messages can be altered if you wish.) You can also check back at this URL for updates.

2. Email now: Email this alert to all your pro-life friends and relatives. Available at:

3. Copy & Distribute: Pass this alert out at pro-life churches and meetings.

4. Make Personal Contact with Your Senators and Congressmen: Use every opportunity: office meetings, fairs, town meetings, and other public events.

5. Telephone: Call the offices of your two U.S. senators and your U.S. House member (through the Senate switchboard: 202-224-3121 and the House switchboard, 202-225-3121). Give your zip code and you will be connected to the correct offices. Or, click here to find direct office phone numbers using your zip code.

Give the senator’s or representative’s staff your name and address and tell them to relay a message, along these lines:
[For senators:] “I strongly urge you to oppose the Affordable Health Choices Act that was approved by the HELP Committee, which would result in coverage of abortion on demand in both government and private health plans. I also urge you to oppose any other health care bill unless it explicitly excludes abortion."
[For House offices:] "I urge you to oppose H.R. 3200, the health care bill backed by President Obama. Under this bill, the federal government would operate a nationwide 'public option' insurance plan that would be authorized to cover abortion on demand. The bill would also provide federal subsidies to private insurance plans that cover elective abortions."

Check for updates at
Please copy and distribute freely.
Source: National Right to Life Committee

See here for more.

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