Monday, April 13, 2009

Beautiful Pro-life Song

A blessed Easter to you all!

What better time to celebrate the gift of life and hope?

Singer Jaime Thietten hopes that her song will help bring healing to women afflicted by a past abortion as well as help moms choose life. Great voice, too!
"So many children lose their lives everyday," Jaime says. "People have asked me why I would want to tackle such a controversial subject at this time in my musical career. My answer is that we can't afford to wait. Lives need to be saved now. I'm not worried about what others think."


dave said...

That's a great pro-life song! Here's another one called "You Are There":

ScienceMom said...

Thanks for the tip, Dave!

I just went over to YouTube and watched Emma perform her song. That is a great song -- what a talented young lady! She is also donating a portion of her proceeds from the CD to pro-life organizations. So exciting to see youngsters live out their faith in this bold way. May God touch many hearts through her!