Saturday, February 21, 2009

Brilliant design!

Give those Honda engineers a gold star! We just had to replace the bulb in the high-mount brake light of our 1999 Odyssey minivan. Here's what we found.

First, we had to pry off a little, tightly-wedged window at the right edge of the brake light's cover. Not as easy as it sounds. Eventually, we did get it off, but it broke neatly in two, along the central narrowest part.

Next, we unscrewed the hidden screw and pulled out the housing. An amazing amount of dirt had collected in there. Still, we thought we were home free at this point.

Not so! The worst was yet to come.
We unscrewed the bulb housing to discover that the bulb was simply too large to be removed in one piece though the opening. Apparently, they had inserted the bulb from the other side of the opening and then glued the red cover into place. We had to shatter the bulb (with pliers) and shake out the broken pieces before inserting the aftermarket replacement bulb.

Which all led me to wonder whether the folks at Honda had actually tried out their own instructions to replace the bulb.

I'm just thankful the (aftermarket) replacement bulb was actually small enough to fit.

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