Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pro-Life UN Petition

Good news on this pro-life petition to the UN from the very reputable Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute. They have collected well over 300,000 signatures so far in over a dozen languages. Still, the more the better! If you haven't signed yet, the deadline is Dec. 10.
International Call for the Rights and Dignity of the Human Person and the Family

The radical pro-abortion groups will submit petitions at UN headquarters on December 10th. They might submit a hundred thousand or more! We must match them and show the General Assembly that more people are pro-life than pro-abortion.

So, I ask you to go here: copy this address and send it to everyone you know. If you want to send it in Spanish, it is there, too, or Polish, German, Italian, French, Hungarian, Slovenian and others!

Please go to this link and send this petition to as many people as you can.

We can beat the rich and powerful abortion advocates, but only with your help!


Emeka said...

I believe that spirituality and moral uprightness are some values the World can gain through a more vigorous and practical christian teaching. The fight in defense of life is not something the Church can win through political legislation but through letting the World receive 'Christ in Spirit and in Truth'. The Church should realize that the battle is not a carnal one but involves spiritual warfare. If people know Christ, they will abstain from abortion. The more laws we make towards this the more money we make for unscrupulous Doctors, and the more we lead our women into sin both against the law and against God. The Church should sit up and evangelize the World; and emphasize less on political solutions to spiritual matters.

I have already given my signature on-line but the above is my personal opinion.


ScienceMom said...

Thank you for signing the petition!

Absolutely, you are correct that vigorous and practical Christian teaching and living is needed to transform the world. Absolutely, it is a spiritual battle underneath it all -- just as it has always been. Please click here for our posts on prayer in support of the Culture of Life.

However, I disagree with your comment about laws. Abortion businesses regularly contest laws regulating or limiting abortions -- which they would not do if such laws actually made their business more profitable.

It is also a matter of simple justice that all human persons should enjoy the same protection of law against those who wish to attack / harm them, regardless of creed, color, or age -- and that includes unborn people. When the state takes it upon itself to decide that some persons are not worthy of this protection, that is (as Pope John Paul II said) a form of tyranny.

Thanks for stopping by!