Tuesday, December 9, 2008

For Goodness’ Sake

Perhaps you've heard of the American Humanst Association's atheistic ad campaign, but did you know there is a counter-campaign and that you can help support it?

Rebecca Teti writes:
JoEllen Murphy, however, is not one to read such stories and tsk-tsk the state of things. Instead, she called the local transit authority and found out what it would cost to run a counter ad campaign. She found that with donated design, it would cost only $14,000.

Then she asked a graphic designer friend to come up with an ad and a web-savvy friend to build a website where she could receive donations. ...

... she didn’t want the tone of her counter-campaign to be simply another battle in the annual “Christmas wars”: a tit-for-tat debate. Instead, she focused on how many people are lonely and isolated during the holidays that stretch from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. What a terrible time to tell people they really are all alone, she thought. Instead, people need to be reminded that they are loved. So her counter-ad (which you can see here -- just click on “ to see the ad” in the upper right corner) reads: “Why Believe? Because I created you and I love you, for goodness sake. --God.”

I Believe Ad thumbnail
Here's the link to JoEllen's website, where you can donate to support her pro-God ad campaign.

Update: Great news! They have reached their target and raised enough money to run the ads on buses in the DC area through Jan 25th, in other words through the Inauguration and March for Life.

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