Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bishops Annouce Campaign to Fight FOCA

Tom Grenchik, Exec. Director
People of Life
  • Following the unanimous vote of the full body of bishops to mobilize the resources of the Conference, dioceses, and the entire Catholic community to prevent either the passage of FOCA (the Freedom of Choice Act) or the elimination of current pro-life laws and policies, we are about to undertake our most aggressive communications campaign ever.
  • In the next few weeks, we will be designing a campaign in which millions of Americans can contact their own Senators and Representative with a united message that unrestricted abortion is not only tragically immoral and unacceptable but also out of touch with most American's views.
  • And we intend to have this campaign - with millions of participants - ready within weeks of the Presidential inaugeration on January 20th.
  • We will also initiate an education program on exactly how FOCA, and similar efforts, are such enormous threats to millions of unborn babies.
To make sure that this campaign is a success, I ask you today to make a special contribution of $25 or $35 to People of Life. This is one of the most important and time-sensitive issues we've ever had to confront.
Your help is needed. If you wish to mail them a donation for this critical issue, send your check to:
PO Box 97205
WASHINGTON, DC 20077-7963

H/t: Fidelity and Action e-letter

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