Thursday, November 20, 2008

Acorns in the Collection Basket this weekend?

A friend sent me this message. Unfortunately, it is only too true that money contributed by faithful Catholics to the CCHD collection has gone to ACORN and other political activist groups. Worse yet, the monies are specifically forbidden from being given to any organization that provides direct aid to the needy.
Dear Fellow Catholic,

This weekend, November 22-23, Catholics across America will be asked, once again, to contribute to the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. I am appalled that this drive would be promoted after their financial support for the Obama campaign through their funding of the now-infamous ACORN organization this past election season. They have contributed to what will prove to be the nearly-instantaneous overturning of 30 years of pro-life work. As long as we continue funding the CCHD, there will be no need for them to be accountable and clean-up their act.

I hope my fellow pro-lifers will join with me and NOT contribute to CCHD this weekend and to verbalize to your pastor and your bishop why you are not doing so, and then in turn give the equivalent amount to your favorite pro-life group. If you are in a stewardship parish, ask that your share be donated to a local or national pro-life group to help offset the damage done through years of unwittingly giving to a group that helped to undermine the victory of pro-life candidates in this last election.

Fr. Philip writes:
Given what we know right now about the involvement of the CCHD in the leftie political machinations of ACORN and other shady activists groups, I wouldn't give them a dime.

... No doubt the CCHD does do some good, but the bottomline for me is that looking at the list of grantees, I couldn't possibly be assured that my money would be spent to actually help the poor instead of giving some pseudo-Marixist feminist a paycheck to spend her day undermining my Church under the cover of "doing justice."
Read more at his enlightening posts here and here.

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